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VNLA Preorders

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

A shipment was received By the East Coast distributorcontaining Freestyle, X1, and plates, no Juniors yet. Juniors will be on the next shipment and they have arrived to the United States which is great news because that is the biggest battle! !They are hoping for another shipment real soon and will start pulling back orders. This is why it is very important that you were on back order because once they arrive those orders will be filled first and they will likely not be any left over for the public.

Remember it is our company policy that all preorder status updates are posted on this blog. If anyone continually violates this policy and tries to bypass our system that we have in place and email us for a personal update we will cancel your order and refund your money immediately. We do preorders as a courtesy and if our policies cannot be followed we have it in our policy that we can and will cancel your order. ANY information we have will be posted as soon as we get it! Thank you for your consideration

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