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Luminous wheel status:

Luminous wheel status:

We are still waiting to hear from Luminous if the wheels cleared customs and when we will be receiving them. We just want to notify everyone that there will be no more changes on orders from this point forward as your orders have all been printed and sent to the shipping department to print your labels and compile any other items in your order so that when the wheels arrive they will simply need to be stuff in the packages for shipment. If you are notified by USPS that a shipping label has been produced (only if you are signed up for that service with USPS will they notify you), don't get excited, that doesn't mean it shipped. WE will send out shipping notifications when they are actually shipped. So stay tuned, those are the only notifications you will receive besides these public updates. Everyone wants their wheels asap so we can not process anymore last minute changes from this point forward as it will only hold up the orders of hundreds of others awaiting their orders. Thank you for understanding. Happy Holidays, we will continue to keep you up to date, as we have been.

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