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Great News wheels would've been here today but they had some paperwork they needed to straight out with the sender. There are in NJ and will be delivered tomorrow between 9-3. We will get to work on shipping as many orders tomorrow and the rest of the preorders the following day. The orders since Christmas may or may not sprinkle into the following day, As I have previously reported, we are prepared for this delivery, all of the packages are labeled, filed in order, and stuff with any additional items on your orders. This was made easier on us by ceasing the changes and cancellations after the wheels had shipped, as to make the process as efficient and accurate as possible. We appreciate all of your encouraging words and patience!

Best Wishes-

Jenn & Family


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As we stated we w2ould be receiving the wheels at the end of the week, which we did yesterday. Orders were packaged and sent out today. Yes, you received the shipping confirmations on Wednesday nigh

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