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Bont Prices have increased on their website as of TODAY 9/1/21 due to increased transportation costs. (You see the common theme right...expect more of this)

Parkstars increased $20 from $289 to $309 and Prostars have gone up $10.

We are required under our retailer agreement to change our prices accordingly within a certain amount of days. I am, however, going to post them at the previous prices until after Labor Day weekend 9/7/21 because I know that several of you have been talking about and saving for Bonts! Don't forget we do have Sezzle IF you need to make payments because you were not expecting to make the purchase this week. There are several sizes/colors that are out of stock but will be in soon so it's a good idea to lock in these prices now if you can. The solid pink and solid teal are available in "most" sizes as are the Prostar Pastel colors 3-7 and the NEW black suede Prostar in 4-9.5.

Here is the link that you can find them:

We are required under our retail to post the products at the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price within a certain amount of days under our contract. We are being charged more as of today, however I know so many people have been saving for Bonts and talking about getting Bonts so I am going to put them up for the old price until Tuesday 1/7. Remember we do have Sezzle where you can make payments IF you need to financially and were not expecting to make this purchase right away. Keep in mind, several of Bont Parkstars are out of stock but should be coming in soon so take advantage of todays price and preorder now. The sizes that we have ample stock in are the Solid Pink and Solid Teal right now. There are no Pink stripe and a few teal stripe, red and purple basically. Many people are dying their pastel colored Bonts other colors so that many be an option for you as well. There is a video of one of our clients on our Facebook page doing so and it came out fantastic so check that out!

Here is the link to find all of the Prostars and Parkstars.

Remember on the old prices it was $10 upgrade for Park wheels and $18 for Glow wheels. Now they are doing upgrades for Glow wheels only

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