Chaya Onyx - when quality and performance matters The Chaya Onyx is fast becoming our most popular derby boot. A high end, high performance, light weight carbon and silver fiberglass boot that stands out and will truly take your game to the next level. The boot is loved for its low cut look and feel that ensures increased freedom of ankle movement. The skate also benefits from a 45º strap, unmatched heel lock, incomparable heat molding and extreme responsiveness. The Onyx features our unique 2-point DCM mounting system which enables you to attach any type of Chaya plate without drilling holes. DCM allows you also to shift your plate forward and backwards or even side to side , in order to truly suit your skating style and optimize your performance. You prefer another branded skate plate? No problem - the Onyx boot can be also mounted by standard way to any plate in the market. This high quality boot will last for a long time..


$299.99 Regular Price
$289.99Sale Price