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Some people wait for Black Friday every year and other Holiday Sales to make their Big Annual purchases but as one of the Big Skate Retailers I am here to tell you that it is all a big fallacy!!!! #1 Distributors start increasing their annual MSRPs in September/October/November in anticipation of these markdowns!!!! shhhhhh!!!

Not only that but when they do the holiday sales, they will simply increase the listed price and then "mark it down" to make it appear as if it is "on sale"!!!! The consumer is essentially not getting any discount during these periods!!! Now is the time to buy before they increase their prices, and it has already started! I have already gotten notice that certain rollerblade companies and light up wheel companies have increased prices substantially (and not even gotten new product in so how did the equipment go up in price if they did not receive new product? They are preparing for the discounts to happen for the holidays like everyone else...Buy now on other products before you fall for the hype... Also buy before the stock runs out because these distributors are now only replenishing their stock 1-2 times per year after COVID due to the cost of International Shipping. Please email us with any further questions

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Hiii! Could you please recommend a pair of rollerblades that can be used by a newbie?

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