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Tracking Your Package Once It Has Shipped: Commonly Asked Questions:

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Many shipping companies are experiencing extensive delays right now due to COVID-19 and lack of staff and staff things are getting misrouted and misdelivered because people are having to fill in for others who are sick or filling in somewhere else. We have been getting an abundance of calls about delayed packages or packages saying they’ve arrived and haven’t. Please note, once a package leaves our facility it is the customers responsibility to track it and you have the same ability and right to email or call about it. We don’t have any more power than you do because we are a company. We don’t have a special phone number, we have to wait on hold just like everyone else and we are simply unable to do that for hundreds of clients whose packages are delayed. We will get involved if and when a package is missing. If the package says delivered and you dont believe it has, first check with all members of your household. If it still doesn’t show up go online and file a claim at your package is insured up to $50 or up to $200 rhey will then contact us for your receipt and we will either provide you with more product or if you’ve already bought new product we will reimburse you what they have reimbursed us.

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PLEASE NOTE***We are not responsible for stolen or lost packages. A claim can be filed with the shipping provider but a claim settlement is not guaranteed.

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