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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

If you haven't been keeping up to date with all of our updates on Luminous wheels, here is the update on early shipping notifications:

We had over 500 preorders for Luminous wheels so we began printing and paying for labels in the middle of the month and entering them around the 24th. Lu minous began shipping wheels on 12/22 from California. As of 12/22 we put out a statement that we would no longer be accepting changes or cancellations to these preorders as the orders were sent to the shipping department for final preparation; if customers had any other items in their order they were placed in their packages, labels are attached to packages, etc. Any alterations from that point would jeopardize the efficiency and accuracy of our clients orders and that is why those we have those policies in place. Of course you always have the option once you receive the product to return the product for a refund, refund policy states buyer is responsible for a return shipping fees and your refund will be less your shipping fee, even if you received free shipping. See frequently asked questions on how to cancel as well as refund/return policy.

With that being said, Luminous shipped the wheels from California a week ago via freight/shipping company and they are due here early part of this week we were told. They have given us 2 wrong tracking numbers so far so I havent been able to track them myself so I am just going off of what they told me. Your packages are not lost, they haven't been shipped but they are definitely ready, labeled, packed and all we have to do is pack the wheels, seal them, and drop the pre-paid envelopes at USPS for shipping and they are all priority mail if you ordered 3>wheels!!! We have been working late hours, after our work day ends, till after 1am to input these tracking numbers for you guys so once they ship you will have them to track your packages and have almost completed them by tonight will be finished!

Thank you for your loyalty and patience,



Update 11pm 12/29: There are about 50 people that are missing tracking #s sparadically throughout the orders so I'll go back through tomorrow and make sure those are entered. Tomorrow will be 7 days that the wheels shipped (not counting the weekend or holidays) so everyone say a prayer tonight and the truck driver is nearing NJ!

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