Shipping Continues....

So we have had the wheels for 2 days now and we have shipped all of Octobers, November, and a large part of December so we are working around the clock...somehow we haven't killed each other (a couple close calls lol) but it will all be worth it when we see you with your new wheels smilin' and stylin' ....that's right....don't forget to tag us in your photos and videos!!!!!! Oh and if you are happy with our service and transparency Please give us a review on Google or other site, the haters are quick to do so .......I actually had someone tell me he was disappointed with my company because I was giving him a courtesy email at 10pm along with 3 other clients and I didn't use the Bcc function. I'm sorry, how many hours of sleep have I gotten in the last 3 days so he's probably going to give me a bad review b/c I am such a terrible business owner.

EDIT: There are about a dozen from each of those months that we have to go back to for one reason or another...have to switch from USPS to UPS, or combine, switch address, we have a master list,

We won't forget you.

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