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Once your refund is requested it is processed within 24 businesses hours, usually much sooner. Once we issue the refund it depends on your bank how long it will take to be credited to your bank account/credit card. It typically takes 7-10 days, sometimes less, but can legally take up to 30 business days. After 7-10 days if you have not received your credit you can call your bank with our confirmation # in hand to ask them how long it is going to take. Once we issue the refund, the funds are immediately taken from our account so from that point forward it depends on your banks policies and all inquiries should be addressed with them, as long as you have received your confirmation from us. If you did not receive a confirmation and you need that in order to contact your bank, please call or email and we will get that to you within a reasonable time frame (less than 1 business day). Kind Regards. ESS

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