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Pre-Order your Cotton Candy, Night Sky, Pink Glitter, White/Black Pearl 62 or 58mm now!! Official Pre-Orders were open to retailers yesterday and were sold out within minutes....only a few got their hands on these highly sought after colors but we obtained plenty...Luminous still says March is the eta. $8.75/wheel

*Want Luminous LED wheels now, quad or inline?? All other colors are in stock at **Do not mix pre-orders and regular orders if you want in stock items now as all items will ship together, make separate orders. ***Orders cannot be combined, changed, etc.

Inline wheels:

Inline wheels at:

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I was just informed from SESS distributing the Piper Legend wheels that they are only receiving 16 sets of wheels from Piper and we are 3rd on the list to receive the 90 sets of wheels that I ordered!