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PreOrder Updates

If at anytime you are unhappy with our preorder updates or feel they are too “vague” feel free to let us know and we will feel free to let you out of your preorder obligation, and you can place one somewhere else. Oh that’s right they don’t offer preorders on luminous wheels anywhere else, I guess you can wait until they arrive to the US and hope you get some because we’re cancelling your order if you are not happy with our preorder services that we offer for your convenience.

We offer all of the information given to us by Luminous so if it is vague or not enough it is not our intent, if you’ve followed us and our preorders over the last year you know we are more than transparent and give all the info that we have.

In Luminous‘ defense all of the distributors are having the same issues with shipping. There is an international shipping crisis going on and a lot of distributors are saying arrivals are “a guessing game” as even their shipping representatives cannot give them arrival times with all of the delays leaving their port and arriving at ours. Ships are sitting at the port for a month at a time. Sorry we can’t please everyone, please place your order somewhere else. We will continue to provide the services we offer to those who are grateful for them.

Thank you,


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