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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

7/7/21: This was posted previously but is being posted again as a courtesy to anyone just making a preorder for new colors this week. Our policy is once the product reaches the US, there are no cancellations as we have so many orders to prepare we start preparing the labels and other items in customer orders when we get word they have hit US grounds because it takes us that long to get everything in order and organized. We will not pull any orders from the shipping department to be changed, cancelled etc. at that point. We have learned from prior mistakes and this has become the most efficient way for us to ensure that your order and all of our clients orders are accurate and sent out in the most efficient way possible. As soon as the wheels arrive to us the orders are ready to go out, no holdups!! Thank you for your understanding!!



We have been notified that the wheels have finally arrived to the states and are on their way to the Luminous warehouse to be distributed. As we always handle our preorders, at this point we can no longer accept changes, additions, or cancelations to your orders as we are making shipping labels and preparing your orders ahead of time so that when the wheels arrive they will be ready to ship to you!!!

In addition there will be 4 brand new super hot colors that are being released at the same time as well!!! We are not allowed to reveal the colors until they reveal them first so hopefully later today it will happen!!

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