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Luminous Wheel Update Restatement:


As previously stated on December 22, we are no longer accepting requests to change or cancel your Luminous wheel preorders as they are in the final stages of preparation for shipment. Labels have been made and paid for, packages are filled with any additional items in your order and the wheels are due to arrive any day and they will be sealed and dropped for delivery. Your envelopes will NOT be pulled from the production line at this point in time. If you wish to add something you will have to place another order. If you wish to cancel you will need to send the product back for a return. Please refer to frequently asked questions about cancellations on our blog for questions regarding this policy. Thank you for your patience. We are expecting wheels any day now and all other operations will cease for a minimum of 2 business days during that time frame while we process these orders including responding to phone or email inquiries. You may receive tracking info before or after shipment, depending on availability, just know that shipment of orders is our #1 priority. Many people have already begun to receive their tracking as we are sending them little by little during this holiday weekend. Thank you for your loyalty and patience. Hope you all had a Happy Holiday and will have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

Best Wishes,

Jenn & Family @ Eastern Skating Supply

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Sep 27, 2022

Awesome blog you havve here

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