Updated: Dec 11, 2020


The big question we have been getting is, will these wheels arrive by Christmas, here is our response: We are still expecting to but like we said in the post, we can’t guarantee delivery times at this point when there are still too many unknown variables, the main one being the wheels haven’t been checked in the US port yet, they are due to arrive Tuesday, and no one knows what kind of hold ups if any there will be. Once luminous gets them they assured me they want to get my order out first b/c it’s one of the biggest so within 2 days of them receiving they’ll be on the way here. When we get them we will have all the orders out within 2 businesses days. Those are the known and unknown variables, but if everything is on time we hope to be ship the 18/19 via USPS priority so it will be close depending on where you live. Priority is supposed to be a 1-3 day delivery service, I've seen even Hawaii orders get there within this time frame in the past. But we will know a bit more once they pass through customs. Our order will be shipped on the first day that they ship out orders as it is one of the largest and we ordered early also.

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