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As stated in our previous update, we had misunderstood Luminous' last update on 6/30/21 that stated the "wheels were on their way to their warehouse" to mean that they were on the way from the port to their warehouse when in fact it meant they were on the way from Asia to their warehouse. We apologize for any misunderstanding and or miscommunicationWe are just as frustrated as any of you are if you have been waiting for your backordered wheels (black/white pearl indoor wheels for several months) but keep in mind ALL retail shops will get these at the same time so if you'd like to cancel and take your chances getting them when they arrive you are more than welcome to do so at this time, it is a COURTESY that we offer preorders so don't shoot the messengers.

Both old and new preorders agreed to check the blog for preorder updates on your orders, this is why we created these public updates. We will no longer be able to offer preorders if we have to reply to 50 emails a day because the same people are emailing us every week for updates. The updates are found ON HERE ON THE BLOG-YOU'VE physically agreed and checked the box to this when placing your orders and if these policies cannot be adhered to we can and have cancelled and refunded clients orders in the past.

When we receive further information from Luminous we will post it immediately. There is a worldwide shipping crisis causing delays in every industry. Here is an article for your reference

if you are unaware of what I am referring to: ‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’: Chaos Strikes Global Shipping - The New York Times (

Please review the product description for your preorders:

We provide updates on our website blog frequently as we receive them and are extremely open and transparent about it. 
We are paying for expedited shipping this time so Luminous will not be sending them freight.  We have arranged for expedited UPS shipping this time around.  We won't have nearly as many preorders as last time because we have all colors in stock except the 3 new ones, black pearl, white pearl, and pink glitter so it will be easy!!  We do pre-orders as a courtesy, any disgruntle customers will be refunded, no questions asked. 
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As we stated we w2ould be receiving the wheels at the end of the week, which we did yesterday. Orders were packaged and sent out today. Yes, you received the shipping confirmations on Wednesday nigh

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