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So apparently, when Luminous said the wheels were "on their way to their warehouse" this was not very clear and to me that would be interpreted as on the way to your warehouse from the port, otherwise you would say they are on the way to the US from overseas or they have left the manufacturing facility and are being shipped to the US.

The wording that they are "on the way to our warehouse" to me means they will be there within the week. So I apologize if Eastern Skating Supply's announcement was, therefore leading any of our client's to believe that it was going to be sooner than it might be. Apparently the wheels are on their way from overseas and they cannot give us an answer on when they will arrive to their warehouse because of shipping and logistics etc. So I just wanted to be transparent about that because we have ALWAYS been completely transparent when it comes to these luminous wheel preorders and we have caught a lot of heat for this and so in turn, it has become harder and harder to obtain the information we are seeking. So this is what we know and we will keep you posted as we find out and new information.

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