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Legend Quad Wheels by Piper

Great news‼️‼️. The Green xx-firm Legend Wheels are in and will be shipping to all preorders!! If you don't see the tracking confirm in the next 2; hours then check your junk mail by this time tomorrow because they will have been put in the system by that time.

As I stated in the blog we would have the wheels in possession and shipping by 8/18....right on time‼️

The purple Firm, should follow on the next couple of week‼️.

These were a HUGE success at Indoor Speed Skating Nationals and as suspected performed just like the OG Cannibals!!


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As we stated we w2ould be receiving the wheels at the end of the week, which we did yesterday. Orders were packaged and sent out today. Yes, you received the shipping confirmations on Wednesday nigh

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