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Legend Quad Wheels

From Piper:

We have a confirmed ship date for real.

August 8 not a day later but maybe sooner.

In last stages now.

One catch. We only received partial core order.

Making 1500 green. All green.

We can complete open orders for green.

Orange and Purple will be August 25.

At that time we will be all caught up. Distributors and Piper will be fully stocked and ready to handle all orders going forward.

Sorry for these delays.

Edit: That is ship from Piper to SESS date so SESS has to ship to distributors then so that will be about a week late August 15th and we typically get them in about 3 days so on or about August 18th we will have labels prepared and shipped out to our clients.

We do have a some sets of orange left if any of our clients want to switch please advise asap.




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