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Please provide us with a physical address for delivery as we use various shipping providers and not all shipping providers will deliver to PO Boxes. It is your responsibility to provide the correct address including apartment/suite #. If the complete address is not provided and the shipping provider either returns the package to sender or needs to reroute the package or change the address EVEN JUST ADDING AN APARTMENT OR SUITE # you will be charged an additional fee for a minimum of $18, as this is what they charge us to add an apartment # after the fact so double check that your address is correct. Redirecting or resending a package will also be the responsibility of the customer if the correct or full address was not provided. If there is a suite # or apartment # and you do not provide one UPS will often not even attempt a delivery to the address so if there is one associated with your address put it on there to be safe! It is the discretion of Eastern Skating Supply which shipping carriers we use for certain products to certain areas.

Thank You

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