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Having Trouble with Back Pain???

Back Pain is often sign of a weak core. What is the best way to strengthen your core? Well everyone is at different fitness levels.

Beginner- Start here: 5 Ways To Gently Begin Strengthening Your Core | Prevention

Intermediate- Start here: 14 Plank Variations Your Core Will Thank You for Later ( You might not be able to do all of them but start with regular planks and do as many of these as you can

Advanced- Incorporate all of the Above and add these : BODYMATE Abdominal Exercise Roller - Classic Red - Dual Wheel with Foam Handles - Includes Extra Thick Knee pad - Ab Wheel : Sports & Outdoors

Skating will also strengthen your core as you are struggling to keep your body balanced and this is why your back may hurt in the beginning because you are strengthening these muscles. So in order to help speed up this process, do these exercises while you are off your skates!

Warm Regards-


Owner/Operator ESS

Dual Certified Personal Trainer

USARS Speed Skating Coach

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