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Customer Service

So this may seem like boasting, take it however you may, but 💯 99% of our unsatisfied customers are unhappy because we’ve refunded them of their purchases because they have been awnry pain in the asses. So if you would like to harass us, be a hateful, pain in the ass for no good reason, threaten us, be miserable for no good reason…. guess what….join the club of people that we don’t want your business!!!! I’m in this business because I love skating if you don’t love skating or choose to make my life uncomfortable I reserve the right to tell you to go be miserable somewhere else! This is hereby a policy! Like it or leave it! Skate with me or without me. I have a bachelors degree in finance but I‘m not about people that think they are better than anyone else so treat one another

with respect if you expect respect!

Excuse the bluntness and forwardness, I am from New Jersey you all, we have pretty darn good customer service service and if the only thing they want to complain about is us refunding people… I’ll take it 🤣🤣😅

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