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FAQ...Frequently Asked Questions ???

Q: Do you ship internationally?

*Yes the shipping on the site is a fixed amount-NOT the amount you will be charged. Please contact us for an estimate as you will be invoiced for any additional fees due.

*The free shipping code is NEVER valid for International Shipping please do not use this code unless instructed to do so buy our owner or other employee or your order will not be processed.

*The time frame we provide is our best estimate for delivery but we can’t truly guarantee a time frame for international deliveries due to customs, delays, etc.

*Some countries will charge the receiver a customs fee for out of country purchases before delivering a package. ESS is not responsible for extra customs fees.

*All of our prices are displayed in US Dollars (USD).

*We will not alter the price of merchandise on any invoice or customs documentation. All products will be shipped as merchandise.

For the most accurate customs estimates be sure to contact your local post office or customs office with your questions.

Q: When will my package get here? Can you tell me the status of my order?

If you’ve just placed an order in the past two weeks, have purchased a product that is a “pre-order”, or are just really excited and want to see how everything is going with your order...PLEASE do not email us for an update.

We understand that you are stoked about your purchase and are anxious to get rolling but to provide individual status updates to every order is actually prolonging our ability to send you your items!

PRE-ORDER UPDATES ARE PROVIDED ON OUR WEBSITE BLOG AND PUBLIC FACEBOOK PAGE PERIOD. This is the ONLY way we will be able to offer this convenience to our customers. We receive hundreds and hundreds of pre-orders and if we have to answer hundreds of status updates every week we would not be able to offer this convenience any longer so you will only be referred to the blog or Facebook so save yourself and our employees a step and go directly there for your updates.

Our number one priority at this time is to get your orders in the mail. To ensure that we’re able to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible we are not able to respond to status request emails. Customers who insist on overwhelming our inbox with multiple status requests will have the order canceled and immediately refunded. This does NOT mean you can't email us, but please refrain from opening multiple email threads for a status update.

Q: Can I combine shipping on two or more of my orders?

No. Multiple orders can not be combined. Please be sure to order all items that you wish to purchase in a single order.

Q: Can I place an order over the phone? We can only accept orders placed through the website. If you’re having trouble accessing the site for any reason, please reach out to us at and we’ll do our best to help.

Q: How Can I Track My Order?

A: We will send you tracking on most orders that are fulfilled directly from our shop. There are some items that are shipped by third party warehouses that do not always send us tracking until after the fact. Some of those brands include but are not limited to Roller Derby/Candi Girl, Sure Grip, Chicago, Pacer, some Crazy skates.

Q: What if my skates aren’t the right size?

A: As long as you haven't skated in them, we are happy to help you exchange your skates for the correct size! The customer is responsible for the shipping with regards to the returns...see return/exchange policy on your product product page.

Q: How can I cancel my order?

A: Send us an email through our contact page and we’ll help you out! If the customer service team has begun fulfillment on your order we cannot guarantee the cancellation of your order. If you’ve already received a tracking number, you will have to wait until your product is delivered and then ship the item back to us. You will need to cover the cost of shipping to cancel the order. Only once the item is received will a refund be issued.

Q: Can I return my order? How can I return make skates and/or accessories?

A: Yes, but you MUST speak with the customer service team to confirm your return or exchange and receive instruction on WHERE and how to return your product! Just as not all products are sent from the same location, not all prducts are returned to the SAME locations! It is YOUR responsibility to get instructions on WHERE to send your product back to. If it goes to the wrong location and we need to send it to the right location because you failed to call and ask which address to send it to and you just sent it to the address on the website then that shipping cost will be deducted from your refund so please call first. Please see return/exchange policy on your product page. Sale and clearance items are not eligible for returns. Sale items may be eligible for size exchange if your size is available for return. In the case that it is not available, we will issue you a store credit.

Q: What do I do if my order shows delivered by the shipping company but I have not received it?

A: We are not responsible for stolen or lost packages. A claim can be filed with the shipping provider but a claim settlement is not guaranteed. If you have reason to believe that your package is in jeopardy of being stolen you may request that your package be delivered with a signature required. If you are not home than you will be required to pick up your package at your local USPS, UPS, etc. office. These options are available to you by emailing us prior to shipping. Eastern Skating Supply is not responsible for your lost or stolen packages. Shipping providers may in certain cases reimburse clients up to a certain amount depending on the provider and service requested but it is not guaranteed. Extra insurance is also available for an additional fee upon request. Your entire purchase is not guaranteed to be insured. The minimum insurance per service is provided by the shipping company and is not a guarantee or right of your purchase.

Q: Can I change my Address or Order after placing my order?

A:In an effort to accommodate our clients we have been very lenient with allowing clients to change addresses and items in orders but as we continue to grow this has become more of an issue for many issues and has caused us a whole lot of extra work, extra time and shipping costs and shipping double orders. Our website software does not allow for order or address changes so we have to write it in the notes which is printed in small print at the bottom of the order along with a lot of other information and this is easily missed, therefore we will have to enforce the same policies of bigger companies and not allow for changes of address or orders or combing orders. We ask that if you move or need to change your order, you cancel your previous order, and reorder accordingly. Thank you for understanding. We just want everyone to receive their accurate orders in a timely fashion.

Q: Will I be refunded the full amount if I return my whole or part of my order?

A: #1 Technically each skate has a $19.95 shipping charge attached to it. In some cases we may waive the 2nd or 3rd subsequent shipping charge if ordering multiple skates so those are considered free shipping charges but in some odd case that this order entire order was returned for a refund that 2nd and 3rd "free shipping" that we initially waived as a courtesy would be deducted from your total refund. Again this is an extremely rare case, but the disclosure is still necessary to state that IF we grant the 2nd or rarely a 3rd free shipping charge, (we usually have to an additional fee), we would have to deduct in the even of a returned order.

#2 This can also relate to other items other than skates that utilize the free shipping code. For example if you utilized the free shipping code and received a credit of $15.00. If you returned your order you would receive a refund minus the shipping cost. This is all stated in the refund policy on every product page.

Warmest Regards-

Jenn & Staff

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