Changing of Address and Changing of Orders

In an effort to accommodate our clients we have been very lenient with allowing clients to change addresses and items in orders but as we continue to grow this has become more of an issue for many issues and has caused us a whole lot of extra work, extra time and shipping costs and shipping double orders. Our website software does not allow for order or address changes so we have to write it in the notes which is printed in small print at the bottom of the order along with a lot of other information and this is easily missed, therefore we will have to enforce the same policies of bigger companies and not allow for changes of address or orders or combing orders. We ask that if you move or need to change your order, you cancel your previous order, and reorder accordingly. Thank you for understanding. We just want everyone to receive their accurate orders in a timely fashion.

Warmest Regards-

Jenn & Staff

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