So this is not much of an Update but this is the best I have and straight from the source. So I get these from a third party source by choice because it's financially advantageous for me to do so and they were giving me pretty straight forward updates November, Thanksgiving week, early December, and then like you I was like what the heck so I went straight to the source because I have an account with them as well, and they like all of the other retailers in all industries are experiencing shipping delays and having delays at the ports. They assured me as soon as they receive the product, my distributor will receive them and they ship direct to you. They don't want to give a guaranteed date with the next 2 weeks being shortened weeks due to holidays, they don't want to have their throats cut because of that because, again it is beyond their control. The skates were due here in November and the production was done in that time frame but the shipping has delayed the arrival. If you would like a refund feel free to email us at and we will issue that for you, otherswise it is waiting at the ports to be sent to the them and sent to my distributor and sent directly to you and that is direct from the source, owner of RollerDerby himself. If these were a holiday gift again my apologies, maybe you can give a photo in a box/envelope until they arrive. 😱

Kindest Regards and Happiest Holidays,



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Although the UPS is still showing they are coming tonight by 7pm, however it is 10 pm and they are not here yet so we are assuming they will be here tomorrow and preorders/orders will be shipping Thur

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