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Candi Girl PreOrders

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

They still have no updates on these. I have never seen anything like this before where distributors have no eta on their product. It is simply mind blowing to me. If anyone wants a refund I understand, they were supposed to be here in November and this is absurd. I know I hear this happens with Moxi and Moon boots but I've never dealt with a delay of this kind and not been given an extension date at least. I personally have in stock in my NJ warehouse: Crazy Glam Skates that are in the same price range and various models of Chaya skates. Next week I will have Purple Jackson Vistas although they are bit more expensive than the Candi Girls, they are certainly worth every penny! If you'd like to continue to wait you are welcome to do that too. Any updates that I get, will be posted here right away.

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As we stated we w2ould be receiving the wheels at the end of the week, which we did yesterday. Orders were packaged and sent out today. Yes, you received the shipping confirmations on Wednesday nigh

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