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Bonts FXX Long awaited Quad Race and Derby Wheels!!! Pre-Order Now!!!!!!!

MSRP: $210.00

**PRE-ORDER NOW - SHIPPING LATE MARCH ** This is a limited edition run of the highly acclaimed Bont FXX roller skate wheels. For the past few years we have been on a mission to re-release the FXX roller skate wheel but this time, make it even better.

 Drawing on our inline speed skating wheel that has won multiple inline world championships, we used one of our top inline speed wheel formulas on the FXX and adapted it for roller skating. This is unheard of in a roller skate wheel. No one uses the best inline racing formulas in roller skate wheels. When we spoke to wheel makers about using a top inline formula in a roller skate wheel this is what they said: 'It will cost too much, roller skaters don't want to pay over $200 for a set of wheels no matter how good they are'. 'Roller skaters can't tell the difference between a high-end or low-end urethane'. And 'our standard high-end roller skate urethane is good enough'. We said 'screw that' and started testing wheels using more exotic urethanes previously only reserved for inline racers. The result, in our opinion, is the best mass-produced roller skate wheel ever made. We are sure you will appreciate the effort that we put in to bring this wheel to market.


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