Black Jackson Vistas: Update

The shipment of Black Jackson Vistas that was supposed to be in in the fall that was postponed until 12/11/21 HAS BEEN RELEASED FROM CUSTOMS . We should be receiving them within the next 2 weeks. We have a limited amount left to preorder if you are interested email sizes 8-10

Thank you,


We have size 6 and size 7 available for purchase now!!

NEW JACKSON VISTA BLACK W/PULSE LITE WHEELS-VEGAN FRIENDLY | -wheel changes are available upon request EasternSkatingSupply

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Coming in today and tracking will be sent out today for all preorders!! Order now if you haven’t already!!

Wheels are on their way!! Should have them by Friday!! 110s 100s and 90s coming out in 2 weeks....Preorder now!!!! www.Easternskatingsupply.Net/wheels