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Did you know that Eastern Skating Supply has an Amazon store? Although we prefer that you buy from us direct, we will match any Amazon or reasonable merchants' final price after tax and shipping (with proof of link). If you happen to have been gifted Amazon gift cards for the holidays and want to buy skating gear, buy from a company that you know and trust! We don't have all of our products on Amazon, however we have a lot of our major products such as Jacksons, Chayas, Powerslide, K2, Atom wheels, and Luminous wheels. If we don't have it on there, we may be able to add it for you if you want to use your gift card.

Again, we'd much rather not have to deal with Amazon as we cannot communicate directly with our customers and they charge us fees so we encourage you to use our regular website unless you have an Amazon card and don't know who to trust than we'd much rather you come to us than a Big Box company or some pop-up company that just came about or ships your products from some other country and then you can never get in touch with them for a return. Contact us directly with any questions regarding our Amazon store Contact through the Amazon chat platform is monitored, and they do not allow certain things to be discussed.

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