Non-contact Steel shields coated with rubber are used to protect your bearings. The shield stops grit from entering in while keeping lubricant in. Shields improve bearing longevity. YOLO bearings come stock with one side shielded to make cleaning and lubricating fast and effective. You can also add a shield to the other side to help keep the grit out but remember to remove the shield on the ball side prior to oil and/or cleaning.

Yolo suggest using one shield on the open ball side of each bearing. You may use a shield on both sides but this makes it more difficult to oil/service. However, two shields locks in the oil and keeps out debris more effectively.

    • Sold in 16 packs (16 each)
    • Yolo bearing shields work with all Yolo Bearings.

Scroll down for instruction on how to remove and replace bearing shields


    • Removing Rubber Shields:
      Using a thumbtack or something similar, use the pointed end of the tack to enter the inside portion of the shield. Gently pry up, moving your pin around the inner ring of the bearing until the shield releases. Do not force the bearing up (Shields may bend with force).
      Replacing Rubber Shields: 
      Set a bearing on a hard flat surface, place the new or original shield flat on the bearings with the center of the shield lined up with the center of the bearing, then press firmly on the side and work your fingers around the bearing. You may hear or feel a small click, as well the shield will lay flat. if there are any high spots then press again in that area. If you spin the bearing and you feel a high spot or the shield feels out of round then the shield is not seated 100%. If the bearing turns smoothly then you are all set.

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      All product returns except size exchanges will require a 15% restocking fee. For size exchanges, there are no restocking fees. The shipping cost for any returned items is the sole responsibility of the customer. When your returned item has been received you will be credited for the item minus the restocking fee. If your returning equipment that initially had free shipping the initial shipping cost will be deducted from the amount credited back to you. As long as there is profit to take the initial shipping cost out of we will cover the initial shipping cost. But, if there is a return there is no profit to take the initial shipping cost out of.

      For exchanges, the credit card on file will be charged for return shipping. For exchanges where Paypal was used for the initial purchase, a Paypal money request will be sent to you to pay shipping back to you.

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