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The Bont Typhoon inline wheel is the number wet-weather choice to tackle the harshest conditions. Grip while others are slipping, take wet corners like they were dry, skate the Bont Typhoon!

  • Made in: USA
  • Application: Wet-weather
  • Diameter: 105mm, 110mm
  • Hardness: 87A
  • Bearing size: 608

This wheel is made by MPC Wheels and is the exact same formula as the MPC Storm Surge wheel. MPC Wheels produces this wheel for Bont Skate under licence. The Bont Typhoon and MPC Storm Surge wheels are the best wet-weather wheels on the market. if the track or road is not absolutely soaked, you can use the Bont Red Magic by MPC Wheels or the Bont Avenger wheel. 

*Price is per wheel. 

Typhoon Inline Skate Wet Weather Wheel

PriceFrom $17.00

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