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Unexpected Voo-doo thane returns to the race scene.

Piper returns to their legendary indoor race formula that topped the podium from 1991 until inline took over the race scene. Crack your pack and smell that smell we are all so familier with.

ION rivals Piper’s Legend. With a hard core in back, combined with hollow tech in front, ION delivers an ultralight weight with ultra-performance option that competes with aluminum cores.
For more information about hollow tech click here.


  • Voo-doo thane: Legendary flat-track indoor race formula “The Original”
  • Nylon composite core
  • 44mm Core
  • 9mm tire
  • Speed lip, maximum control for best grip and control
  • ION wheels must be broken in before competition use, Piper suggest they are broken in organically for best result
  • Sold in 8 packs

Ion Speed Wheels


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