Introducing 3 new colors for Spring of 2021! Honey Gold, Holographic with purple laces, and Vintage (blue and holographic).

The Jackson Evo Skates are very traditional boot style skates made of reinforced vinyl coated uppers and an anti-bacterial Nylex liner. Added comfort comes from the memory foam ankle padding and the flex notch in the lacing. The foam-backed vinyl and mesh tongue completes the comfort and secure fit of this affordable and ultra-comfortable outdoor skate. On the performance side, the plate is Viper Zytel Nylon, and the bearings are Bionic ABEC-7. The wheels are Atom Pulse Lite, and the color-coordinated toe stop is a Bionic XS Stopper. Offered in ladies sizes 4-9, the new 2021 Spring Colors include Honey Gold, Metallic Hologram, and Vintage- a shimmering silver.

Features of Jackson Finesse Outdoor Skate:

  • New Colors- Honey Gold, Metallic Hologram, and Vintage
  • Boot Style Skate
  • Great Durability For Outdoor Use
  • Memory Foam Ankle Padding
  • Anti-bacterial Liner

Switch wheels we have in stock for $20 fee  

2021 Jackson Evo Rose Gold/Honey Gold Holographic