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TKO Inline Wheels | About
The best universal inline race wheel on the market by design. The unique core interlock and band fully encompassed by the outer tire. “I first introduced the all encompassed band during my ownership of Atom Wheels prior to the 2010 world championship in China where banded Atom IQ had huge success, dominating the track. This technology came with its challenges due to the patents covered by MPC. We were fortunate enough to design a technology that went around the dual banded patents that were in place during that period.
Unable to continue the development of IQ immediately following the 2010 championships, we were forced to revisit our urethane options. Our vendor during that period blocked us from using the urethane we originally received at the 2010 championships. Ultimately, we chose to move the project to MPC were BOOM by MPC was born.

There were only two proficient urethane companies in the US that produced premium inline race wheels at the time we developed IQ and BOOM. Both having great strengths in respective areas. Our option to move the development to MPC was simply because we were unable to achieve the urethane requirements on a regular basis. Our unique encompassed core tech proved to have advantages. IQ was one of the most exciting wheel developments of my career. The core design in combination with the correct formula was a real advantage. Our original wheel vendor told us IQ formula could not be repeated on a regular basis, thus we moved to MPC where the core and urethane combination went on to be one of the top wheels worldwide.

TKO Racing, using the same core tech with a new improved urethane, the combination makes it one of the best universal wheel options available.

Side wall vs core size plays a significant role in performance and overall handling. Large cores provide roll and structure for straightaway speed and high-speed cornering. Sidewall dictates your footprint or contact surface through the turns. TKO optimizes both core and side wall size enhancing roll, grip and overall control.


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