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Chaya Sneekrskate DLX Roller Skate Plates Set features full aluminum casted plate with a wide shoe-shaped deck that maximizes the contact patch to every type of sneaker and therefore giving maximum leverage to steer wider trucks.

No matter if you want to create fully-functional skatepark skates or just want to have the coolest boardwalk skates out there. Just pick your favorite type of sneakers and the Sneekrskate plate and you will have just that. The Sneekrskate plate creates a whole new look and feel in roller skating for a new generation of roller skaters and will take roller skating to new levels.

A built-in heel rise gives a comfortable stance and a toe rise follows the natural shape of a shoe for a clean look.  Outdoor wheels in size 62mmx38mm / 80A hardness together with the wide trucks give the plate it´s cool sk