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Adaption. It’s the alteration of the basic structure or function of parts that allows for technological advancement. At CadoMotus, the laws of The Speed of Intelligent Motion dictate our commitment to ongoing modification; to fit our skate wares to a dynamic, ever-changing skating environment. With the rise of our technological advancements comes the need for simplicity.


Our new Adaption line takes advanced concepts and lay them at your feet on your own, uncompromising terms: to be equipped to be the best, the strongest and the fastest skater you can be. Simply put, the new Adaption line is fitted to the need for speed and agility, meeting the demand for the outcome you desire – performance at the highest possible level.


The Adaption T-5: Our New 4x110 borrows from previous designs, tailored to track conditions. The Adaption T-5 is a study in control design. Track conditions demand greater feel for optimal steering in constant high-velocity accelerations. The flex you’ll find inherent in the Adaption T-5 will bridge the gap between stiffness and control to deliver the response you need on tight tracks, indoor or outdoor.


Constructed on the basis of our Comp TR, this is a frame that’s going to delivery sprightly response for fast line switching and maximum mobility. Your fast feet and power-out response will get a response best described as “give-back”, allowing for maximum speed return and straight-away recovery. Milled to the highest possible strength, response and design standards, these aluminum frames stand out with their shocking cyan blue, polished finish.


The Adaption T-5 is ideal for long-distance track skaters and those that need less to lift as they stride.


  • Frame aluminum alloy WT3|7***
  • Deck height 110/2 + 63 = 118mm
  • Frame boot mount 195mm
  • Frame length 13.2"
  • Sports level professional, elite
  • Frame profile semi-solid
  • Frame stiffness Firm
  • Wheel setup 4x110


279,50$ Precio
273,50$Precio de oferta