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AquaTech molding allows for a customizable fit that does not harm the boot like traditional "Baking" molding methods, meaning the AquaTech process be repeated as many times as you like without harm to your boot! This process is 100% guaranteed under warranty.

Luigino AquaTech Heat Molding Bag

  • Supplies Needed

    • Pot with a lid that is large enough for a single skate/boot
    • AquaTech bags
      • One bag for Inline Boots
      • Two Bags for Derby Boots
    • Stove or hot plate

    Prepping Derby Boots or Skates

    • Remove the wheels and bearings if present.
    • Lace the boot loosely so you can easily get your foot into the boot.

    If your plate is already mounted to your boots, you DO NOT need to remove them to mold your boot. Removing your plates will allow you to use a smaller pot but they will not be harmed in the molding process. Cushions and toe stops can remain on your skates if you wish.

    Be extra cautious when working with boots with plates attached as the plate will get hot!

    Prepping Inline Boots

    • Remove the frames if attached.
    • Lace the boot loosely so you can easily get your foot into the boot.

    Molding Steps

    • Fill the pot half full of water (or just full enough so that the water doesn't spill over after placing the boot inside the pot.)
    • Bring water to a soft boil.
    • Place one boot, heel first into the AquaTech bag. If you are molding a derby boot, place this bag into your other bag so that your boot is double bagged.
    • Please the bagged boot into the boiling water with the open end of the bag hanging over the edge, putting the lid on the pot to hold and seal the bag during the molding process. The boot will float to the top of the water, do not remove the lid to push the boot into the water.
    • Remove the pot from the heat source and/or turn the heat off. Do not continue to heat the water after you have placed your boots in the pot.
    • Leave your boot in the pot with the lid secured for 10-20 minutes.
    • Remove the boot & bag from the water, being careful of the steam when removing the lid.
    • Without touching any of the metal pieces (they will be hot), remove the boot from the bag.
    • Align the tongue in the center of the boot to make sure your foot will be protected from the hot eyelets.
    • While sitting, carefully put your foot into the hot boot. Keep in mind the upper materials are hot, therefore very pliable.
    • With your foot in the boot, tighten the laces to a snug, not firm, fit. DO NOT STAND UP.
    • While still seated, position your knees directly over your toe with your thighs parallel to the ground, creating a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for 15 minutes. During this time, use your fingers to "pinch" in at the heel cup if needing a more snug fit in that area.
    • Check the boot to make sure it is cool to the touch. If it is, carefully remove the boot and let it sit for at least 2 hours. Do not re-lace the boots or secure any of the straps during the cooling process.

      You can expedite the cooling process by placing the boot in the freezer for 20 minutes.

    • Repeat with the other boot if necessary.


    What if my boots get wet?
    A little water never hurt anyone, and it won't hurt your boots either! A little bit of water is nothing to worry about, just try to make sure you are sealing the bag with the lid as much as possible on the next go round. If there is a lot of water, inspect the bag to make sure there aren't any holes before using it again and let your boot dry out completely before using them.

    Are you sure I don't have to remove my plate?
    Yep! 100% Positive. You do NOT have to remove your plates, just the wheels & bearings.

    I don't like the fit after molding, can I remold them?
    Yes! You can remold your boots with the AquaTech method over and over the make sure the fit is perfect.

    I lost my bags... help?
    You can get replacements here.

    Do I have to use AquaTech molding?
    If you like the fit without molding, no need to mold them at all. If you would prefer molding them through the traditional "baking" process, you can do so. AquaTech molding is the recommended molding method and is the only heat-molding covered under warranty.

  • All returns for exchange or credit must be started within 14 days of delivery. Special orders and sale items may not be returned. We only accept unused products in original condition with original packaging for return. The returned item must be able to be resold as new. Boots, frames, wheels or bearings may not be mounted in any way to qualify for a credit. Boots may not be molded to qualify for a credit.

    All product returns except size exchanges will require a 15% restocking fee. For size exchanges, there are no restocking fees. The shipping cost for any returned items is the sole responsibility of the customer. When your returned item has been received you will be credited for the item minus the restocking fee. If your returning equipment that initially had free shipping the initial shipping cost will be deducted from the amount credited back to you. As long as there is profit to take the initial shipping cost out of we will cover the initial shipping cost. But, if there is a return there is no profit to take the initial shipping cost out of.

    For exchanges, the credit card on file will be charged for return shipping. For exchanges where Paypal was used for the initial purchase, a Paypal money request will be sent to you to pay shipping back to you.

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