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Introducing the Bont Glide wheel. 


The Glide roller skate wheel is a 78A street wheel made with super high rebound urethane. This roller skate wheel is smooth as silk to skate on and soaks up the bumps. It has great grip and is perfect for skating on asphalt, concrete, or urethane coated surfaces such as tennis courts. 


This roller skate wheel has a classic chevron pattern in pastel colors that will match any pastel-colored boot. The design goes especially well with the Bont suede range of boots such as the Prostar and Parkstar. 

The glide wheel is 57mm in diameter. 

Sold in 4 packs

Bont Glide Quad Outdoor Wheels 78a

29,95$ नियमित मूल्य
23,96$बिक्री मूल्य

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