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Flash Roller Skates

The Flash is a high-top sneaker style skate that features multiple LED lights, quality components, and has been designed for comfort. These are a great all-around skate for the boy or girl in your life!


Super Bright LEDs

Our Flashes have multiple LEDs in each skate. First, the sole of the shoe is surrounded with bright, flashing LEDs that light up as the skate rolls along. Next, each skate has a flashing emblem on its side; on our white skates it is a flashing heart and on our black skates it is a lightning bolt. Both sets of LEDs are motion activated and powered by easily accessible and replaceable batteries. Finally, for those who want the ultimate light-up skate experience, these skates can be paired with our Illumin8 LED wheels so that all four wheels will also be lighting up your street or rink.


Quality Build

Any roller skate is defined by the quality of its “roll”. This is the feeling experienced when using the skates and is key to instilling a love for roller-skating in young skaters. All too often parents will buy cheap plastic skates for their child with wheels that barely turn or move, which can quickly kill any interest in the sport. This is why we’ve focused on putting the best components into the Flash line of products to ensure a quality and fun experience that will having your kids loving skating for years to come! We start off our design by using solid urethane wheels and toe stops. These allow the skates to be used in either outdoor or indoor settings and give a good amount of “grip” on any surface. We also use ABEC full precision bearings, which allow the wheels to smoothly roll, accelerate, and decelerate. The turning radius on the skates can also be adjusted by loosening or tightening a screw, which allows you to increase or decrease the turning angle to match your child’s ability. All of these things, taken together, constitute a great roller skate that will have your boy or girl grinning as they roll smoothly along.


Comfort Design

It also doesn’t matter how smooth a skate rolls if its not comfortable to wear. This is why we take special care in designing the skate shoe to fit properly, to breathe and to provide adequate support, all of which will allow it to be worn for long periods with no discomfort. However, you have to be careful to not overstuff with padding, as that makes the roller skates less responsive and clunky. So, we’ve added just the right amount of padding to the tongue and collar, along with covering the inside with our signature comfort lining, to ensure that the Flash can be worn comfortably for long periods and let you skate to your heart’s content.



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