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Bring your skating up a notch with the next evolution in skate wheels. The Evolve wheel has extremely high roll, rebound, grip and wear properties. This is achieved through the use of ultra high-grade urethane. The hub is made of lightweight polycarbonate and was designed with the aid of CAD to provide a rigid structure for high-speed cornering. 

Whether you are busting through the pack in a bout of roller derby or skating at laps at your local rink, there is a size and durometer Evolve wheel that will perfectly suit your needs.

Size and Hardness:

Derby 59x38mm - Blue 88A, Purple 92A, Red 95A, Black 98A

Speed 63x42mm - Blue 88A, Pink 94A, Green 96A, Orange 98A

Are you looking to buy a new set of roller derby wheels or speed skating wheels? Then look no further. The Bont Evolve roller derby wheels will improve your game. They feature a fast wear-in time, excellent grip and they are extremely fast. The Bont Evolve speed skating wheel is one of the fastest roller skating wheels on the market. The Evolve roller skating wheel comes in a variety of hardness to match any surface you are skating on. The 88A hardness is suitable for outdoor skating and skating on concrete. The 98A hardness wheels are suitable for indoor skating and rink skating. The mid hardness roller skate wheels that are 92A to 96A are also more suited to indoor skating and rink skating. Take your skating to the next level with the Bont Evolve roller skate wheels.