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The Code looks to redefine skates at the mid-price level. Available in black or white, these inline roller hockey skates are heat moldable for a supreme fit. They feature a Sculptured Air Pressure Molding composition that hugs the foot and delivers performance. They are lined with high density memory foam ankle pads that strategically lock the heel and ankle for increased power transfer. Pillow padding on the ankle edge adds comfort with each stride. The Anti-Lacebite Comfort Felt Tongue holds the foot comfortably. The frame is lightweight and strong Tri Coil XT 2 6000 Series Aluminum. The Code features new Kemistry Griuppium X-soft wheels. Sizes 1-4 have 72mm, Sizes 5-6 have all 76mm and sizes 7-13 have all 80mm. Loaded with Bevo Gold-7 Race Rated Chrome bearings.

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