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These Chaya skates are great for beginners looking to start doing roller derby and skaters looking for a well ventilated low-cut quad skate. It offers a superb platform without breaking the bank. And the cool thing is that if you decide that Roller Derby is for you, you can always upgrade the plate, wheels and other parts for a more personalized style and better parts.

The boot is shaped in the low-slung profile of a sneaker and clad in Polyurethane Nano Leather that is both soft to the touch and durable against wear from contact with for instance Derby rink flooring or other derby players. The Poron/EVA padding is super soft and comfortable and will have you skating all day long with little to zero discomfort. And to enhance the fit, Chaya has made the boot and liner fully heat-mouldable so you can get that second-skin fit going. It is low cut for optimum maneuverability.

The Shari 3.0 plate on these Jade skates brings a mix of nylon and fiberglass that are both highly resistant to wear, durable and lightweight. With the possibility to mount it to most Chaya boots with the Dual Center Mounting which also lets you angle the boot to your specific riding style atop the plate. The Power toe system gives you more power, speed, and control and keeps a slight pre-tension in your muscles which lets you react quickly and change direction in an instance.

The trucks are made from aluminum and have an angle of 20º.
The Octo Propel wheels are wide and grippy and come with a 92A durometer.

The Chaya Controller toe-stopper gives you added control and maneuverability. The semi-soft Jelly Interlock bushings create a fine balance between comfort and control. The Wicked ABEC7 bearings provide effortless roll speed.


Composite shell
MyFit Technology (fully heat mouldable)
Pain free Technology
Dual Center Mounting (DCM)
Low cut boot
PU-nano leather upper
Toe cap with abrasion resistant leather
Padding made of Poron and EVA
Lining made of soft touch microfibre material

Shari DCM 3.0
Nylon + Fiberglass
Dual Center Mounting
20° truck, Aluminium, casted
Power toe
Offset toe stop
Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 92A

Wicked ABEC 7

Octo Propel 59x38mm

Toe Stop:
Chaya Controller
Long Stem, Flat Head


249,99$ Preço normal
168,00$Preço promocional