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Get your matching laces & skate leashes at High quality colorful brushed suede boot with padded comfort lining Good ankle support, perfect for beginning and intermediate skaters High-end Quality Aluminum chassis with PU cushions with precision turning Bevo Silver-5 Race Rated chrome bearings are built for speed 66x38mm PU Outdoor wheels are large and grippy to roll over pavement, and glide easily over smooth surfaces Skate in style with the Candi Grl Carlin quad roller skates. Pick your favorite color, lace them up and hit the sidewalk, rink, ramp, or park. Skaters of all ages and any skill level can enjoy the comfort, support and precision of these roller skates. They feature colorful suede uppers with suede lining, built on a quality aluminum chassis. The trucks and cushions help guide your turns and provide control so you can dance, glide, and spin to your heart's content. Special formula Candi Grl Outdoor 66mm x 38mm polyurethane wheels give you control and a smooth ride over a variety of surfaces. Go fast with the included Bevo Silver-5 Race Rated bearings. These skates fit true to women’s whole shoe sizes. The Candi Grl line of skates by Roller Derby Elite mixes fun and fashion with a dash of nostalgia. Established in 1936, Roller Derby Skate Corp. has helped bring the joy of skating to thousands throughout the decades, and is considered to be "America's Skate Company".

CANDI GIRL CARLIN 2022 Freestyle Roller Skates-3 COLOR OPTIONS