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We just received word that they are still planning on the wheels arriving in March!! Wow exciting!!! We are a doing a few things different this time to make things a lot smoother.

#1 We cannot accept any changes to orders at all, last time we set a date in which we were not accepting any more changes. This time there will be no changes. You will have to cancel your order and make another one

#2 This includes changes to addresses. Make sure your full address is listed when you checkout including apartment #, suite # etc. We may use USPS, UPS, or other carrier so please provide a physical address when possible. You can leave a PO Box in the 2nd line if you'd like and if we are using USPS we will use that address otherwise, other carriers "may not" deliver there. We are not responsible for returned packages if it is the address that you provided to us.

#3 We cannot combine orders. If you have more than one order and would like to combine them you can request to have those orders cancelled and then reorder.

#4 Just as last time, once the wheels have been packed and are en route to us, orders can not be cancelled etc. The orders will have already gone to the shipping department for labels to be created and paid for and other items to be pulled and packed in your orders and will simply be awaiting the wheels for final shipment. Any cancellations at that point will only cause further confusion and possible missing orders and mistakes. You will of course have the ability to return your order for a refund once it is received.

#5 We are using an expedited shipping service this time, as the free freight shipping provided by Luminous last time over the holidays took some extra time to arrive and we were unhappy about that so we have arranged to pay extra for expedited direct shipping to our shop so that you can receive them in a more efficient manner.

#6 Also any items ordered with your pre-order, even if they are in stock now, will be shipped with the pre-order. If you would like the other items sent now, please make a seperate order.

EDIT: #7 The pre-orders will also be SOOOO much simpler because we only have to pre-order about 6 colors this time. We have ALL of the MAIN colors still in stock and can be ordered seperately for shipment now or with your preorder to be shipment with those colors that are NOT in stock such as COTTON CANDY, BLACK, NIGHT SKY, BLACK PEARL 85A, WHITE PEARL 85A, BLACK PEARL 100A (smaller size wheel), WHITE PEARL 97A(smaller size wheel), AND PINK GLITTER

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