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Addition to Return Policy

As previously stated in multiple locations of this website including the return policy of every product, we do not accept used products for return. It is the customers responsibility to inspect their products prior to opening them and LOGICALLY, before using them to make sure they received the correct products. If we make a mistake and the wrong product is sent, of course 150% of the time it will be rectified. However, if you open the product and realize that you were sent the wrong product, wrong color, wrong size and you choose to use that product anyway, prior to notifying us then we are no longer responsible for making your original purpose whole again because it is your responsibility to return the product in new and unused condition. Period. That’s the policy. Not oh well, it’s their mistake and we are going to use these until we get our corrected color wheels, skates, etc. I don’t know any company that operates on those policies. It is unfortunate if a mistake is made but our customers know, it will be made right in quick fashion, often not even waiting for the other product to be received. But we will also not be taken advantage of. We are not Amazon, we are a family run business and we cannot afford to replace used products so please inspect your packages and in the rare instance there is a mistake, follow the proper return policies and your transaction will be rectified.

Thank you for using your best judgment and do unto others as you would want done unto you. We treat our clients like kings and queens and our record attests to that. Please don’t be the one that ruins it for the 6,000 wonderful customers.

On a great customer note, we accidentally sent one of customers a double order and she received 12 wheels instead of 8 because we sent one of her 2 orders twice. She was so kind and honest to call us and let us know because she knows of the high demand. We appreciate our clients that have done acts of kindness like this that we usually tell them to keep them for their honestly because they didn’t need to tell us really! What great role models you are to your kids and community!!!

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