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Matter Image Wheels are the lowest price point in the Matter line. Image wheels use the Juice urethane, wrapped around a more flexible, cost-efficient hub. Rather than chew up your high-end wheels when training for the big race, look to the Image Wheel to still enjoy Matter urethane, but at a more reasonable price.  


Price is for a Single Wheel
Sizes: 80, 84, 90, 100, 110 or 125mm
Type: Cross-Training; Speed (Road)

Hardness: 86A (F1)  Specs:  Model Year: 2018

Hub: Spoked


Size / Weight / Width / Insert
80mm / 151g / 24mm / None
84mm / 155g / 24mm / None
90mm / 158g / 24mm / None
100mm / 163 / 24mm / None
110mm / 167g / 24mm / None
125mm / 1192g / 24mm / None


Type: Cross-Training; Speed (Road)


Matter has always distinguished its wheels via the footprint system, seen as F0, F1, F2... It refers to the contact point of the wheel to the skating surface. The lower the number, the less the footprint. As a rough rule, harder wheels have less footprint than softer ones. The insert size and its hardness will also affect footprint (wider/softer insert creates a bigger footprint than a thinner/harder insert).


Warranty: None


मूल्य9,95$ से
  • All returns for exchange or credit must be started within 14 days of delivery. Special orders and sale items may not be returned. We only accept unused products in original condition with original packaging for return. The returned item must be able to be resold as new. Boots, frames, wheels or bearings may not be mounted in any way to qualify for a credit. Boots may not be molded to qualify for a credit.

    All product returns except size exchanges will require a 15% restocking fee. For size exchanges, there are no restocking fees. The shipping cost for any returned items is the sole responsibility of the customer. When your returned item has been received you will be credited for the item minus the restocking fee. If your returning equipment that initially had free shipping the initial shipping cost will be deducted from the amount credited back to you. As long as there is profit to take the initial shipping cost out of we will cover the initial shipping cost. But, if there is a return there is no profit to take the initial shipping cost out of.

    For exchanges, the credit card on file will be charged for return shipping. For exchanges where Paypal was used for the initial purchase, a Paypal money request will be sent to you to pay shipping back to you.

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